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Julie McGregor

Account Manager

Transforming abstract ideas into concrete achievements is what she does best.

In another life, Julie discovered the fabulous world of advertising by chance. From hamburgers to cell phones to cars, she sold everything. Next came the Breakfast Club of Canada. It might have initially felt like a professional detour, but the experience convinced her that philanthropy and social commitment are the real ingredients that she thrives upon.

Julie is particularly interested in everything that affects living beings, be it humans, animals, or the environment. And, she also has a particular attachment to causes that are involved with the mental health of young people.

To reconnect with nature, she loves to surround herself with greenery, sometimes in a tent, at other times in a canoe. And she admits that her love of animal is never dulled, even when she’s in town. Julie can often be found combing through ads (many, many ads) featuring adorable cats that are up for adoption.

Why Atypic? 

It was love at first sight when I came upon an agency that finally allows me to align my skills with my values. The causes and the people who work at Atypic give me the feeling of serving a purpose.”

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