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Mireille Behanzin

Adjointe exécutive

Helping people get their desired results by expertly managing a project from start to finish is what she does best.

In another life, she dreamt of being a youth court judge. From the time she was a teen, she felt deeply about humanitarian issues and learned about the value of life through conversations with those that were homeless. She quickly realized that earning not one, but two master’s degrees in law, as well as working in the field would enable her to help marginalized and vulnerable populations. No wonder defending the rights of women and children are the causes that are closest to her heart! And speaking of children, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she dreams of opening an orphanage in Africa one day! You’ll most likely find Mireille babysitting or meeting new people through her travels and in conversation with the guests she’s interviewing for her podcast.

Why Atypic?

« Because of the relevance of its mission and how it matches my values. Just like for Atypic, helping to improve the quality of life of others has always been and will always be part of my life. » 

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