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Raphaël Desmaison

Artistic Director

Exploring all possible avenues of ideation and ensuring an inclusive creative process is what he does best.

In another life, he co-founded a men’s boxer shorts company during the pandemic (which makes sense seeing as pants became optional when working from home!). With a master’s degree in visual communication and multimedia artistic creation, Raphaël loves expressing his creativity by drawing comic strips – a passion he discovered at a very young age. Responding to the nickname “Captain Precision”, this Frenchman thrives on detail and well-established procedures. He’s as graceful on the dance floor as he is on a rock face, and he’ll happily teach you all he knows about dancing and graphic design. He is particularly interested in causes relating to sexual health and masculinity in all its diverse forms. 

Why Atypic?

« Because of its depth, and its relevance. Every job comes with menial tasks and exciting challenges. The difference is that at Atypic, every single action has meaning because it is designed to help and support people. » 

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