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Sandrine Bozon

Graphic Artist

Playing with colours and images to punch up messages and make them hit home is what she does best.

In another life, Sandrine forged her character in a man’s world by managing stocks for a chain of home renovation stores before going on to open daycare centres in the Paris region. A Jill of all trades with a love of illustrations and graphic novels, she decided to follow her heart and studied graphic arts in preparation for a third career, while focusing and calming her hyperactive brain through yoga. Sandrine is fascinated by the days when graphical mock-ups (and their 43 different versions) were hand-drawn. Today she’s at peace with her weakness for causes involving animals and children.

Why Atypic?

Because of the people we help, when it gets right down to it. Instead of moaning about the world’s problems in the morning, I say to myself: ‘Let’s go! We’re going to work for them.’ More than the money we raise, they’re the ones who give meaning to what we do.”

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