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Stéphanie Dubé


Gathering a team around a mandate and ensuring that everyone brings the best of themselves is where she excels.

In another life, Stéphanie studied psycholinguistics, with the goal of becoming a speech therapist. While Noam Chomsky has her heart, communications marketing is the playground where she has the most fun. A true coffee aficionado, she built and reviewed the essence, image, and digital experience of several Keurig coffee brands before landing at Collège de Rosemont as a digital marketing advisor. Naturally inquisitive, Stéphanie’s playlist overflows with podcasts about society, people, and the environment. She values learning in all its forms and dreams of an education system that is accessible to everyone throughout all four corners of the world.

Why Atypic?

« Because of commitment. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the significant impact our commitment has upon our customers, especially when we can express it in such a human, collaborative and caring way. »

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