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Tanya St-Jean

Social Media Specialist

Creating unique and engaging social media content that is specifically tailored to a cause and its community is what she does best. 

In another life, she dabbled in social work and baking. She was the creative voice behind two comedy shows, a literary director for Je suis indestructible and actively involved in combatting violence against women. The latter is the cause that is dearest to her heart, closely followed by defending the rights of 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, protecting the environment, and standing up for animal rights. Tanya certainly has diverse tastes, when it comes to both causes and her hobbies. Sometimes she’ll be playing outside, sometimes she’ll be re-watching  a favourite Marvel movie. At other times, she’ll be cooking up comfort food or enjoying a little downtime scrolling social networks, a beloved hobby since her teen years (even if she had to wait 1,000 years for a single page to load!). 

Why Atypic?

Because of the causes. I get up every morning knowing that I am at the heart of change, closest to what it means to be human, and in harmony with my professional and personal values.”

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