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Exit Styrofoam: How to Green Your Event!


January 23, 2020

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Exit Styrofoam: How to Green Your Event!

“I’d like to, but it will cost me much more and I have a pretty limited budget.”

“I’d like that, but I don’t know where to start.”

“It’s just one event. I don’t organize many, so it’s not a big deal.”

There is a common misconception that organizing an environmentally responsible event entails higher costs. Or that it’s complicated. Or that a few disposable cups and plates don’t really make a difference.

Not so! Green events can save you money! There are a host of support resources available in Quebec, and yes, a single event—whether it’s a family corn roast or a multi-day conference with hundreds of guests—can have a real impact on the planet.

Consider a typical five-day conference with 2,500 attendees. According to MeetGreen, that translates to 62,000 plates, 87,500 paper napkins, 75,000 cups and glasses, and 90,000 cans and bottles used, not to mention the greenhouse gas emissions released and other waste produced. That’s enormous!

Objective: empty garbage can

More and more actions are being taken to reduce the environmental footprint of public events and the amount of garbage they generate: C2 Montréal is a good example, Osheaga is doing its part too, and several other Quebec organizations are now opting for more sustainable events.

Ready to get started, but not sure where to start?

First, set ONE objective. Zero carbon, 100% local sourcing, paperless meetings or zero waste: they’re all worthy objectives. Because you don’t need a handful of people who do it all perfectly, but thousands of people who simply do it!

Always keep in mind the 5 Rs: refuse, reduce, reuse/repair, recycle and rot.

And if you need help organizing your event, our team is here for you. You can count on us to add one (or 12!) environmentally friendly touches to your plans!

As a bonus

I’ve prepared this little checklist that you can use when you start organizing your next event in true environmentally responsible style. I hope it comes in handy!