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When Atypic has a crush on… Nathon Kong


April 21, 2023


When Atypic has a crush on… Nathon Kong

An Atypic crush is someone who is committed to a cause. They inspire us to do things differently and change the world.

In 2019, Nathon Kong launched a limited-edition collection of fashion accessories made entirely from mulberry silk and featuring the unique artwork of artists and patients from the non-profit organization Les Impatients. Within a workshop setting, the artists shared their unique journey to recovery through the power of creative expression. Their art was then transformed into unique pieces that form a limited-edition collection of fashion accessories that illustrates their stories. Ten percent of all proceeds from the sale of the pieces is given back to support the organization and raise awareness for mental health.

Why did you choose to support this cause?

Mental health affects us all and no one should feel ashamed. Talking about our struggles helps all of us to be the best version of ourselves. I wanted my creations to allow people to engage with each other and help open the dialogue about mental health in a beautiful way through these fashion accessories. There’s a purpose behind these creations.

Where does your idea come from?

I’ve worked in the medical field in the past and the experience opened my eyes to the importance of mental health. Nine years ago, when I started my business, the social impact aspect wasn’t really developed yet. I had a strong desire to differentiate myself and make people feel special through my creations. Custom-made fashion is great, but I needed to add an extra layer by telling an authentic story. I started to look for ideas and Les Impatients came to mind, as I had been following them for a long time. I noticed I could add value to their mission by raising awareness about mental health and helping people to discuss about their struggles with mental health.

When the pandemic hit, I had to remodel my business and I was struggling with mental health challenges. That’s when I realized how important it was to continue to support this cause.

Why do you believe it is important to do things differently?

My industry is mostly about appearance and it can feel quite pretentious at times. As I felt pulled into that world, I sensed a need to stay away from the superficiality surrounding my work. In an industry driven by numbers, true fulfillment is a long journey. Having a purpose and making an impact, even if it’s small one, is better than no impact at all. Through my journey, I discovered new ways to grow every day and it allows me to tell a story that is authentic and meaningful through my creations.