Ne nourris pas le monstre



Atypic never does anything halfway – especially when it gets involved in a campaign!

This time, our team took on an international challenge by collaborating with the Centre de recherches, d’études, de documentation et d’information sur la femme (CREDIF) in Tunisia.

Selected as an expert in social campaigns, our agency designed Ne nourris pas le monstre, a campaign denouncing cyberbullying and cyberviolence towards young women in Tunisia.

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Digital violence, in all its devious forms, has become an invisible monster that haunts virtual spaces.

Toxic behaviours including hurtful comments, threats, and online harassment are rampant and all too common. And while everyone is affected by this scourge, women and girls are the hardest hit, especially during adolescence, where issues around love, identity, belonging, and a need for affirmation all come together. Even if the devastating effects of this violence are very real, in Canada as in Tunisia, they too often sail under the radar.

Ne nourris pas le monstre is much more than just an awareness campaign.

It is an invitation to adjust one’s behaviour and adopt safer practices within the digital world. Targeting mainly young girls aged 13 to 18, this campaign intends to reveal the reality of gender-based cyberviolence, while highlighting the resources available to victims and ways to protect themselves from it.



In French, Arabic, and language aimed at teens

Taking a deep dive into the world of teens, our team focused on using a vernacular close to how teens speak, to appeal to them at their level, and not from the level of a lecturing adult.

The campaign was deployed on the web, in social media, on Tunisian TV and radio, in French and Arabic and offers tips, testimonials, and resources. It also features an interactive experience putting the user at the heart of situations that seem trivial, but can all potentially lead to cyberviolence, simply by complying with requests.

An amazing learning journey for Atypic

Not only did our team succeed in creating a relevant message for an international audience, but they also embraced the richness of co-creation with their Tunisian partners. The campaign, imagined and developed in conjunction with CREDIF researchers, was a fantastic exercise in cultural dialogue. The exchanges made it possible to create a campaign that resonates with the reality of young Tunisian girls, while also sharing Atypic’s vision with the goal of training, empowering, and improving the practices of its partners.