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Pascal Lépine

Founder and Chairman

ext. 257 | Cell. 514 808-9339


Stepping into other people’s shoes to understand and help them better is what he does best.

In another life, Pascal completed a bachelor’s degree in French literature and planned to become a poet. But driven by a deep-seated desire to help people and organizations changing the world, he decided instead, nearly penniless and just 22 years old, to create Atypic. Five years later, he helped raise $2 million to defend the rights of immigrants and refugees in Québec. He still managed to find the time to complete a joint McGill-HEC executive MBA under the supervision of his friend and mentor Henry Mintzberg and while volunteering his time to more than 40 causes. He also created the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, which in just a few years succeeded in changing the policies of governments and large businesses, improving 2SLGBTQIA+ lives all over the world.

An accomplished social entrepreneur, he continues to play an active role in Atypic, which is still growing and remains one of his proudest achievements. He can often be seen lending a helping hand with creative concepts, strategy or business development, but he is most fond of being mistaken for an intern or technician (which happens regularly)!

When not wearing his Atypic hat, Pascal is President of the Board of Directors of Imagine Canada, where he devotes his efforts to making the charitable and non-profit sector stronger and more visible. He also sits on the boards of the Opéra de Montréal and Le Monastère. For Pascal, it’s a way to get back (and give back) to his roots. A born explorer, he can’t help taking a little time on his travels to meet with philanthropists, visit innovative organizations or give workshops on the latest trends in cause marketing or fundraising.

Pascal gets around town on his electric moped and is sure that in five years, it will be THE hottest trend. You can also find him playing bridge with elderly women (no doubt intrigued by his moped) just an hour after boxing with at-risk youth (no doubt puzzled by his moped).

Why Atypic?

“Because of how happy it makes me to work with colleagues who share my values and who, like me, are dedicating their lives to improving the lives of others.”

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