It’s not about

For us, no cause is too small. The size of your organization doesn’t matter, or its budget, or even its status. We work with NPOs, foundations, associations, corporations, government agencies, businesses and neighbourhood garage leagues. As long as you’re looking to find concrete solutions to your challenges, you can count on us to be there and to make it our cause too.

the size

Sometimes we write about causes. Sometimes we go out and talk about them. The result? A blog post or a news story.

Want more? From planned giving and acquisition to major campaigns, telemarketing, mass mailing and social marketing campaigns, we’re sure we have the blog or news story you’re looking for. And if we don’t, we’ll write it for you!

Here at Atypic, we’re confident that with our team of dedicated experts together under one roof, we’re the only agency able to meet all your needs! Have you got a cause? Put us to the test!