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Because of addiction

Fondation Jean Lapointe

How do I talk about marijuana with my kids? It’s a question many parents reflected upon as legalization loomed on the horizon. We were already on the case.

It was the type of campaign where timing is everything. In October 2018, cannabis was legalized in Québec. Parents were worried (three quarters of the those we surveyed), but not necessarily well informed about the lives of young people today (90% of parents thought it was unlikely that their children had used marijuana, while nearly a quarter had actually done so in the last year). They were even less prepared to speak with their children on the day they would finally have to address THE question. As a result, the campaign’s goal was to have parents raise the topic themselves rather than wait for that day to come, especially since 87% of teenagers believe their parents are credible sources of information when it comes to drugs. The Fondation Jean Lapointe contacted us to help them connect with teenagers’ parents and provide the tools they needed to make the discussion as easy as possible.

A quiz to break the ice, and exclusive videos to dedramatize the situation and prepare parents for the next step.

Our strategy for getting parents to subscribe to our educational content? Start off with a friendly, inoffensive and non-judgmental quiz to test their knowledge about the legalization of cannabis. In this way, parents who weren’t up to date were able to realize their information shortcomings themselves and choose to pursue their relationship with the Fondation Jean Lapointe to receive our videos. Jean-Marie Lapointe, a famous figure seen as fair and objective, was just the person to narrate the videos, which dealt with belief systems and consumption-related risks. And to ensure parents found them personally relevant, special attention was paid to making the daily life of the family depicted as realistic as possible.

After just 72 hours, the campaign had generated 596 new newsletter subscriptions, for a 15% conversion rate.

It was off to a good start, but there were many more surprises in store for us. By the end of the campaign, the microsite showed a 120% lead conversion rate, and our social media activities registered a 200% performance rate for interactions. That translated into 1,167 qualified new subscribers that we made available to the foundation, all while reinforcing their status as experts in preventing all kinds of addictions thanks to our use of the right tools and effective press relations.

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