Le doigt sur le bobo


Because of financial literacy

Question Retraite

To talk about the importance of saving for retirement without sparking undue stress or complete denial among the general public, we thought a touch of humour (and a splash of hypochondria) might be the ticket!

Raising Quebecers’ awareness of the importance of retirement planning and increasing their financial literacy (the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to make well-informed financial decisions): that was the difficult but exciting mission that Question Retraite gave us again this year, in preparation for Financial Planning for Retirement Month. And again, it was with the secondary aim of acquiring new supporters in mind. But this time, the 40-to-55 age group was the target.

Finding the perfect campaign spokesperson was the key to our strategy.

Well-known for his “Allô-bobo” segment on Radio-Canada’s La soirée est encore jeune and sensitive to the need to raise public awareness of retirement planning, Jean-Sébastien Girard agreed to help out. In two ads that play up the offbeat style that suits him so well, Jean-Sébastien introduced viewers to “retirementphobia” and “megaloretirement,” fictional disorders inspired by some of the main attitudes to retirement noted by experts, as well as the symptoms to watch for. With a spokesperson like admitted hypochondriac Jean-Sébastien onboard, the tone for the campaign was set, and it was anything but sanctimonious.

With a touch of wit, a hint of self-ridicule and a healthy dose of thoughtful analysis, we were finally able to put our finger on the problem—individually and collectively—in terms of relationships with retirement and how to plan for it.

But, even more importantly, we were able to hold out Question Retraite as THE remedy for treating cases of retirementphobia before it hurts. Scripting and shooting two videos, developing an online retirement diagnostic test and personalized retirement prescriptions in a series of three welcome e-mails, handling media placement and buying strategies, launching the www.ledoigtsurlebobo.com microsite, managing media relations and creating content: we left no stone unturned to ensure the campaign was a success.

All in all, 12,377 people took the time (an average of 4 minutes) to obtain their retirement diagnosis for a completion rate of 91.4%, exceeding all expectations.

With rich-content questions followed by personalized tips, we succeeded in raising awareness and qualifying contest participants, who were clearly not just there to win prizes but to find useful information to prepare and plan for their futures as well. All in all, the campaign enabled Question Retraite to secure 4,162 qualified new supporters and a better understanding of its target clientele, positioning it to pursue that relationship on a solid footing.

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