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Because of childhood disease

Opération Enfant Soleil

Even a fundraising classic like the Telethon can be better with Atypic’s special touch, which includes strategy and conceptual work. The numbers tell the story.

It was already a classic. Almost an institution. A flawlessly well-oiled machine and an event familiar to everyone. How could we hope to improve on such a successful recipe? Quebecers may be as generous and emotionally implicated when it comes to aiding sick children as when Marie-Soleil Tougas was spokesperson for Opération Enfant Soleil, but in this digital age, things are decidedly different! Atypic’s expertise in multi-channel relationship marketing campaigns was just what the organization needed to optimize the fundraising tactics for its telethon.

A multi-channel pre-telethon campaign offering people another way to participate in the movement, at the time that suits them best.

Proven, refined and improved year after year, it’s a carefully orchestrated strategy that captures people’s imaginations and mobilizes them to get involved. Not only from traditional donors, who now feel they can contribute without having to be glued to the screen on the big day, but also from other sympathizers, for whom the approach seems to be a good match. For the 2023 campaign, a series of seven emails, a direct mailing, as well as SMS messages were all sent out in the week leading up to the telethon. A thank-you e-mail indicating the grand total raised during the event, because the relationship marketing cycle is never complete without a heartfelt word of thanks.

Close-up on Opération Enfant Soleil’s little miracles: when a face is worth a thousand words.

There’s surely no better way to show how donations are used than to show real photos of children’s faces captured in Quebec’s pediatric hospitals. On the creative front, we chose to go with strong, compelling visuals and well-dosed storytelling, along with simple appeals for donations leading directly to the donation form, all presented in a format suitable for any platform. That was all it took to make good on the Opération Enfant Soleil slogan “Les petits miracles n’arrivent pas seuls” [Little miracles don’t happen on their own] and touch the hearts of our target donors.

$23,207,460 was raised during last June’s event.

That’s more than $2,500,000 over the previous year! The average donation also exceeded our expectations—proof that people are just as generous when donating online—as did the effort’s final ROI. It also showed that a clear request, featuring a bright, sleek design and presented on the right platform at the right time, delivers results! And that working in co-creation mode with our clients can truly pull off some little miracles.

Photos : Ladislas Kadyszewski

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