With and Without, together we create.


Because of diversity

L’Arche Internationale

Atypic had the privilege of supporting L’Arche International in the creation of its first brand manifesto.

The text quickly transformed into a lively international campaign aimed at raising awareness about the organization’s unique model—they offer opportunities for people with and without intellectual disabilities to live under the same roof or spend time together sharing life’s moments. Creating the campaign offered an additional bonus: it was an incredible pretext for collaboration and sharing the tools and good practices between L’ Arche’s 37 member countries.

At the very beginning of the project, our team prepared and led two co-creation workshops in Paris, where delegates from different member country organizations came to meet. The objective: to distill the spirit of L’Arche into a brand manifesto that speaks to people outside the movement and highlights the intricate details that unite all these beautiful people beyond their cultural, social, and political differences.

Twenty dedicated pairs of hands came together to create a text that blossomed into a truly incredible international campaign.

Entitled With and Without, the campaign invites people to reflect on diversity and friendship, without prejudices or barriers, in a community where each person is essential. It aims to communicate in an inspiring way all the richness of the L’Arche movement: An international movement that is resolutely local. Global, but deeply human.

Atypic fully engaged with L’Arche to create the digital tools for the campaign. While it is global in scale, it is designed to adapt to local initiatives and personalize them.

An adaptable toolkit

The versatile campaign material is designed to allow L’Arche’s various communities and member countries to adapt and deploy it according to their specific needs. The campaign’s flexibility reflects the very heart of the movement’s strength and beauty.

The three objectives of the campaign — awareness, recruitment, and donations — are supported through a variety of adaptable tools that can be used in French and English. As a bonus, the toolkit includes clear instructions and recommendations for joining or customizing the campaign.


Unity captured in images

Working from a series of raw videos, our team undertook the delicate task of weaving together the story of the L’Arche community, sometimes without using a single word.

This narrative journey circles the entire globe. From Lithuania to New Zealand, from Zimbabwe to Palestine, from Japan to Mexico, invisible threads are discovered, deep bonds that unite the members of L’Arche and transcend all borders.


A dedicated web page

The focal point for the L’Arche campaign is a meticulously designed landing page created by the Atypic team: https://avecetsans.larche.org

From inspiring videos to captivating stories, it’s all here. Everyone can dive into the diverse world of L’Arche and discover how to support the organization and be a part of the change that creates communities without barriers.

Peek behind the scenes of our extraordinary collaboration with L’Arche International.

Discover the challenges and the inspiring moments of this unique adventure through the testimonials of Arianne, Sandrine, and Sabrine.

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