There’s something new happening at Atypic.

We’re still all about causes—that won’t change.

But we’re more and more focused on the effects of our initiatives. On your donors and supporters, certainly. On your target audiences, absolutely.

But also on the rest of the world. On the planet itself, actually.

Cause to effect

Can we find ways to be more green?

More inclusive? More accessible? More significant? Lighter? Simpler?


Cause to effect

Here are a few updates to our services that we thought could set the stage for our new normal.


Thinking of redoing your website? Atypic can guide you through the planning for a site with a smaller carbon footprint, helping you balance your conversion goals with your environmental priorities.


Inclusive Writing

Whether you’re thinking of updating your brand identity, redesigning your website or simply ready for a change, our language expert can guide you towards the inclusive copywriting practices that best reflect your values.



Does your brand need a refresh? Our team can help you make creative choices that take the environmental footprint of your new communication tools into account. It’s just one more way for your organization to stand out.


Accessible and inclusive events

If events are opportunities to bring people together, then it’s pretty essential that they’re organized to make everyone feel welcome. There are loads of simple, effective measures you can take to ensure your events leave no guest behind, and Atypic can help you at every step.