Atypic is proud to have been named the 21st-fastest-growing company in Quebec (and the 156th-fastest-growing in Canada) over the last three years.

Stacked up against hundreds of high-profile companies, many of which are giants in their field, Atypic’s ranking was noteworthy. The businesses included on the list showed average revenue growth of 511% over the past three years, helping solidify Canada’s reputation as a land of entrepreneurs.

“We are proud to have been named one of the boldest businesses in the country! Thanks to all our clients who support our growth and to our own team, who work hard every day to help the causes we hold dear,” said Atypic President Fannie Perron.

“Atypic’s strong growth in recent years can also be attributed in large part to our merger and acquisition strategy,” she continued. “We plan to continue investing in our company to ensure its growth and a bright future.”

“Canada’s Top Growing Companies” is an annual ranking published by The Globe and Mail.

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