Annabelle G. Cardoso

Front-End Developer

514 528-5252, ext. 264

Creating websites and integrating content at lightning speed are what she does best.

In another life, Annabelle studied interior design and fine-tuned her sense of esthetics before discovering that she had a gift for Control C and Control V! Introduced to Web, video and Japanese culture when she was just an infant, she is drawn primarily to causes supporting animal rights.

Why Atypic?

“Because of Pascal’s laugh, which really carries in our open-plan layout. His laughter is very contagious. And it says a lot about the atmosphere here too. Everyone is friendly and approachable. There aren’t many doors here, but the ones we have are always open.”

Craving specialized content?

For a generous dose of rich (but easy-to-digest) content chock-full of experts’ tips, best practices and the latest trends, look no further! Better yet, we personalize it all for your specific tastes!

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