Mathilde Barreau

Web Project Coordinator

Mentally organizing all the stages of a project and clearly visualizing them down to the smallest detail is what she does best. 

In another life, Mathilde developed her sea legs by sailing around the world with her family when she was a young. She retained a love of travel that has propelled her to the four corners of the earth, despite the stressful situations that tend to line up with her visits (there was that missile in Korea and that tsunami in Japan). Gently guided by life’s omens and her heart’s desires, this Japanese language and culture enthusiast loves bubble tea and diving into beloved TV series (did someone say Scrubs?). Her favorite causes? The ones that oppose violence against women. 

Why Atypic?

Because of the positive feeling that the organization gave me when I first walked in. My instinct told me that I was going to like working with these people… and I wasnt mistaken! 

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