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The I Love Fruits And Vegetables Movement

The I Love Fruits And Vegetables Movement

The I Love Fruits And Vegetables Movement

How do you unravel the relationship that Quebecers have with fruits and vegetables? With the help of Mélissa Bédard, a sexy potato, and a few knowing winks!

There are certain products that are shunned by those who are grocery shopping on a tight budget.  How do you make them more attractive to consumers? That was the question we asked and answered with this social campaign on behalf of the I Love Fruits and Vegetables Movement, a branch of the Quebec Fruits and Vegetables Distribution Association.  

The challenge?

Underprivileged populations know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for their health. But there is sometimes a gap between knowing it and actually doing it. There are so many factors at play: the mental burden of cooking all this beautiful produce, getting your money’s worth, not having enough time, dealing with children who are picky eaters. You can sprinkle a little bit of guilt into the mix too.  On top of all this, studies show that 53% of the general population doesn’t consume enough fruits and vegetables, and there is a significant gap that exists between low-income and wealthy households.

Since our target audience already understands the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, there was no point in repeating this information. Instead, we opted for a complementary approach.

We focused on details such as conservation tips, easy recipes, and anti-waste tips— useful and practical content that allows consumers to easily integrate more fruits and vegetables into their daily lives without having to think too much. And as a bonus, they could win their groceries for the week!

But for the campaign to truly take off, we needed THE perfect spokesperson—the funny and very down-to-earth Mélissa Bédard was the ideal match!

She’s a perfectly imperfect mother who shares her past experiences as a single mother who struggled to make ends meet, and now wants to share her tips for pleasurable, healthy eating.


Atypic Play the video

Add an offbeat TV ad combining seduction and fruits and vegetables in a remake of the television show Coup de foudre, and you’ve got The Fruits and Vegetables We Love: a colourful and refreshing campaign that had plenty of people smiling (starting with the Health Minister, who appeared in person at the launch of the campaign).  It even earned a place in the top 10 best advertising campaigns for September from Grenier aux nouvelles. The campaign also received three DUX awards in the Initiative en accessibilité, Initiative en communication — volet publicitaire and Prix du public — accessibilité categories.

Our beloved carrot, well-preserved apple and multi-dimensional potato didn’t just appeal to Mélissa—20,474 people took part in the contest, including 19,912 who subscribed to the Movement (a 400% increase in subscribers).

From a numbers perspective that represents a conversion rate of 97.8% on the website, 4,844,295 impressions for the media campaign on social networks and 15,981,473 views from motorists for the billboard campaign.

Now, that’s a campaign that bears fruit (sorry, it was too easy …). But personally, we’ll always be Team Sexy Potato.