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Toni Manoleas


Deriving meaning from data is what she does best.

In another life, following her studies in computer technology, Toni acquired over 20 years of expertise in relationship marketing, turning her hand to everything from analysis to philanthropic strategy. Working for a wide variety of causes, she’s quite happy not to have to choose just one, although she admits she has a weakness for anything related to children. When she isn’t optimizing and cleaning up data, reviewing results, identifying behavioural trends or translating all that gobbledygook into plain language for her clients and colleagues, you can find Toni putting that same care and devotion into cooking delicious meals for family and friends.

Why Atypic?

Because of the variety of tasks and clients. I can work on anything, I never get bored and I feel like I’m contributing to a range of causes without necessarily having to donate to each and every one.”

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