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It’s a question of setting your own bar



When it’s a question of inspiring change and provoking self-reflection, Atypic is always up for the challenge!

It is in this stimulating spirit that the team collaborated closely with Éduc’alcool to create an innovative fall campaign.

The campaign’s goals were ambitious: to educate, sensitize, and generate awareness about drinking habits, while also combating the stigmatization of making the choice not to drink.


Éduc’alcool chose to team up with two agencies to bring this multi-layered campaign to life.

While TUX focused on the visual overhaul of the brand and created the ads, the Atypic team was responsible for designing a new website, piloting relational marketing, and breathing new energy into social networks.

Through its campaign, Éduc’alcool aims to encourage self-reflection on drinking thanks to its tagline: “It’s a question of setting your own bar.”

Digital flows in Atypic’s veins, and as a loyal client for four years, Educ’alcool knows it only too well!

When it comes to leveraging our digital expertise, we don’t settle for half-measures.

A new digital vintage

The Éduc’alcool website underwent a major transformation. Using the newly revisited visual identity, our creative team revived the site with eye-catching colours.


A dedicated page, that can be enjoyed without moderation

We created a dedicated webpage—an online space where curious minds can take a deep dive into the scientific data related to alcohol consumption. This page is a mine of information, fueled by facts and sincere testimonies, while guaranteeing total confidentiality.

An email, a message, a commitment

The relationship marketing component complements our digital strategy with a series of targeted emails tailored to the interests of each member of the community. We warmly invite them to visit the campaign page, immerse themselves in the in-depth scientific content on drinking and share this initiative within their social circle. This is how the impact grows: step by step.



Beyond information

On social media, we don’t just post information. We continue the conversation with our followers, encouraging them to delve into their own relationship with alcohol. The posts aim to raise awareness and inspire positive behaviour changes.


We firmly believe that a single drop of inspiration can cause waves of change, and this collaboration is living proof!

So, after having mixed all these ideas and served up such a refreshing campaign at Éduc’alcool, one question naturally arises: who is ready for another round?