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Quebec Cancer Foundation

Quebec Cancer Foundation

“While others are treating the disease, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is taking care of the person who suffers from it.”

This is the opening phrase of a moving ad creating by Atypic on behalf of the Quebec Cancer Foundation and narrated by their spokesperson, Guylaine Tanguay.

A long-time client of Atypic for its fundraising component, this was the first mandate calling attention to the organisation itself.

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The goal? A simple but effective TV commercial. An idea that would unite and touch Quebecers from all walks of life, while popularizing the Foundation’s mission, which remains unknown to some.

The idea of the split screen came quite quickly in the creative process. This visual tool allowed us to evoke all the activities of daily life as it unfolds in parallel to undergoing treatment. It captured the challenges and also the beauty that continues to exist, in spite of the disease.

This process was also used to illustrate, almost literally, how the Foundation works in tandem with the health system. They exist side by side.


In the commercial, we follow a woman in her late thirties, from her initial diagnosis to one of her last chemotherapy treatments. We understand that at each stage of her journey, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is there to support her, in one way or another. They are also there to support her family members.

To avoid falling into the trap of illustrating a long list of all the Foundation’s services (and there are many!), we decided, together with the production team, to focus on the story of one woman’s journey. We believe it was the best way to represent the positioning of the Foundation: it takes care of the human being, while others take care of the disease.

Because alongside illness, there is life.

Credits :
Narration: Guylaine Tanguay
Talent: Martine Pype-Rondeau, Albert Kwan, Sanaka Laurin
Ideation: Amandine Tatangelo, Marie-Hélène Mayrand, Jacques Lussier, Pascale Dudemaine
Creative direction: Arianne Cardinal
Production house: Forêt Média inc.
Director: Axel Laramée
Producer: Erika Bellehumeur
Coordination: Éliane Ruel
Client advisor: Pascal Lépine
Director of photography: Samuel Pinel-Roy
Expert oncology advisors: Dr Philippe Sauthier, Huguette Loubier et Stéphanie Dubois