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Quebec Cancer Foundation

Quebec Cancer Foundation

For the second year in a row, the Quebec Cancer Foundation chose Atypic to bring its annual awareness campaign to life.

The multi-format campaign features a strong social angle focused on public awareness. Along with positioning the Foundation as THE reference in terms of support for people affected by cancer in Quebec, the campaign highlights its advocacy actions regarding the importance of a national action plan for cancer.



A definitive statistic

Every 8 minutes, a person is diagnosed with cancer in Quebec.

It is this striking statistic which is at the heart of the campaign’s hard-hitting concept. It focuses on slices of time and life’s everyday gestures: waiting for the next bus, moving from point A to point B, and leafing through the pages of a newspaper. A pause is elicited, allowing for the statistic to move from the abstract to the concrete. It is a somber reminder that behind every 8 minutes that pass, one more person is facing the disease.

A multi-format campaign that spans Quebec

The campaign reflects the reach of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Just as the Foundation is present across the province thanks to its six service centres, the campaign was also deployed throughout Quebec. It is displayed on billboards and on digital TV, on social media, and on the radio in several regions, including Montreal, Quebec, Lévis, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau, as well as in the Mauricie, and Estrie.

What do we want people to remember? That the Foundation is present and will continue to be available for all people affected by the disease. No matter their age, no matter where they live, no matter their type of cancer or their background. The Foundation has the resources and services that can help them as they face their ordeal.

A committed spokesperson

Once again, singer Guylaine Tanguay, volunteer spokesperson for the Foundation, lends her voice to this year’s campaign. She is featured in the radio message and in the TV spot, and also appears in a message on social networks inviting people to become involved.

Atypic Play the video

Atypic Play the video

An online manifesto

Along with the awareness efforts, a manifesto was developed to support the advocacy work of the Foundation, which calls for a national action plan against cancer, which is viewed as the second pandemic.

This initiative, broadcast on social networks, aims to mobilize a growing community of supporters of the cause, thus adding an acquisition component to the campaign.