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The New Face of Financial Planning Training

The Institute of Financial Planning

The Institute of Financial Planning

The Financial Planning Institute, formerly known as the IQPF, got a makeover with the help of Atypic.

In 2022, the Quebec Institute of Financial Planning (IQPF) made an uncomfortable observation: not only was it hardly known among the general public, but, worse still, it had become very challenging to recruit enough financial planners to meet the high demand. The solution: start thinking strategically about creating a new identity platform that could reach the next generation more effectively. The IQPF entrusted the mandate to Atypic, its consulting agency.

The strategic exercise, which lasted more than a year, consisted of an in-depth analysis that balanced the needs of the organization with its strategic objectives.

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In keeping in line with its new mission and vision, the IQPF decided to remove the word “Quebec” from its title.

This decision created an opportunity for the Financial Planning Institute to be named in full, thus avoiding getting lost in a sea of sometimes confusing acronyms and abbreviations. It was now time for the creative work to begin! Several visual avenues were explored, and an eye-catching new brand guide came to life.

The Financial Planning Institute’s new logo is made up of two elements: the P symbol (which can also be interpreted as an F) and its name.

The P/F symbol, in addition to referring to financial planning, also evokes a life journey punctuated by projects and changes. Financial planning is no longer presented as a linear ascent, but rather as a continuous process where financial planners support their clients throughout all of life’s major milestones. This symbol is also used as a coloured texture, behind or in front of photos, or on flat areas of colour to provide a pop of personality that is distinctive to the brand.


The brand is represented with primary (pale blue and orange) and secondary (dark green, mauve, yellow, and pink) colours.

These shades reflect the modern side of the Institute, and the diversity of projects possible for people thanks to financial planning. It is also a representation of the various profiles and personalities of financial planners.

The new brand identity of the Financial Planning Institute is already clearly visible in all its communication tools and will be deployed in a major recruitment campaign during 2024.